"We put the care in childcare"

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Enjoy our many activities

Field trips

• Apple Valley Orchid

• Sir bounce a lot

• Happy Joes

• Sega Gym

• Weidner Center

• Children's Museum

• Bouncin Bus

Summer carnival

• Games

• Obstacle courses

• Face painting

• Prizes

• Snacks

• Much more

Winter Party

• Dinner Provided

• Special guest

• Pre-school music concert

• Arts and Crafts

• Cookie decorating

Stretch and Grow

Health experts


Healthy habits

Stretch and Grow makes exercise and healthy eating fun.A

Weekly fitness

This health and fitness class is offered every Thursday morning.

Stretch and Grow is a network that teaches over 100,000 children.

This program is offered in 15 countries.

Your child will look forward to the many activities and events we provide. You can rest easy knowing we offer high levels of supervision for your child's safety.