"We put the care in childcare"

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Early education

Mental growth encouraged

• Encourage thinking

• Encourage reasoning

• Encourage questioning

• Encourage experimenting

Personal development

• Foster positive self-concepts and  


• Develop social skills

• Encourage creative expression

Basic skill development

• Encourage language development

• Enhance physical development

• Encourage children to develop new


Healthy habits




We help your child learn about proper nutrition.


We are sure to respect the cultural diversity of our students.

Your children will learn simple habits that promote good health.

We make sure your child stays safe at our facility.

Bring your child into a learning environment with professionals that work hard to meet their needs. We believe in making learning fun and allowing children to use their creativity. We have been servicing the Green Bay Area for 4+ years. We at Innovative Playhouse will provide high quality childcare in a warm, healthy, nurturing environment in which each child will grow and develop socially and emotionally at their own pace. Our children and families will be rewarded with lasting memories and great friendships through our quality program and dedicated staff.